About us

We are Globokas Peru S.A, a subsidiary of GTV GlobokasNet LLC. The managing group of the largest network of Correspondent Agents in the market, with more than 10 years of experience and thousands of points of service in the country. We are the only network of correspondent agents operating with the most important banks, finance companies, municipal banks and service companies of Peru, this allows us to offer the most complete and robust service in the market.

Mission / vision

To be the main channel facilitator of means of payment both public and private and as an acquisition channel.

To be an international solution for financial inclusion and means of payment in emerging markets.

current investors

  • PTRL West – Company that conducts studies to meet regulatory requirements in different areas.
  • Elevate Equity – Capital investment management company for the pyramid economy with 4 billion people in need in emerging countries.
  • Acción – Leading company in microfinance since 1973.